Blooming Flowers Duvet Cover Set
Blooming Flowers Duvet Cover Set

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Blooming Flowers Duvet Cover Set

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Immerse yourself in the luxury of our Blooming Flowers Duvet Cover Set. Exquisitely crafted from 100% bamboo fiber, this set champions both environmental consciousness and unparalleled comfort, ensuring a tranquil and restful night.

Key Highlights:

  • Material: Pure bamboo fiber, blending sustainability with the opulence of bamboo for an unmatched sleep experience.

  • Fabric Excellence: With a 600TC (Thread Count), expect a blend of durability and buttery-soft touch that cocoons you in luxury.

  • Complete Ensemble: The 4-piece set harmoniously brings together a duvet cover, two pillowcases, and a bed sheet, letting you curate a cohesive and appealing bedroom look.

  • Twill Weave Pattern: The fabric sports a refined twill weave, recognizable by its diagonal lines, imparting an upscale charm to your bedding.

  • Weight: A total set weight of 3 kilograms ensures a plush, premium feel every time you retreat to your bed.

  • Packaging: Encased in an elegant PVC packaging, this set is perfect for gifting or as a luxe update for your own space.

  • Distinctive Features: Beyond its softness and breathability, the bamboo fiber provides moisture-wicking benefits. The floral design also seamlessly infuses nature's beauty into your room.

Sizes Tailored for Your Bed:

Flat Sheet Style:

  • Double: Duvet (200x200cm), Bed Sheet (245x250cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • Queen 200x220cm: Duvet (200x220cm), Bed Sheet (245x250cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • King: Duvet (220x240cm), Bed Sheet (245x270cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)

Fitted Sheet Style:

  • Double: Duvet (200x200cm), Fitted Sheet (150x200+25cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • Queen 200x220cm: Duvet (200x220cm), Fitted Sheet (160x200+25cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • King: Duvet (220x240cm), Fitted Sheet (180x200+25cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)

Elevate your sleeping sanctuary with a touch of nature and luxury combined.

Blooming Flowers Duvet Cover Set

Blooming Flowers Duvet Cover Set

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