Blooming Pink Rose Duvet Cover Set
Blooming Pink Rose Duvet Cover Set

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Blooming Pink Rose Duvet Cover Set

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Indulge in the natural allure and sumptuous feel of our Blooming Pink Rose Duvet Cover Set. Meticulously woven from 100% bamboo fiber, it champions the cause of eco-sustainability while delivering the unmatched opulence of bamboo, ensuring your slumber is both eco-conscious and exquisite.

Key Features:

  • Material: Revel in the luxury of pure bamboo fiber. A testament to nature's elegance and comfort, it promises you nights filled with tranquility and deep rest.

  • Fabric Quality: With a robust 600TC (Thread Count), the fabric strikes the right chord between endurance and supreme comfort. The elevated thread count translates to a silk-like softness, cradling you in gentle luxury.

  • Set Inclusion: This 4-piece set has been curated with an eye for cohesion. It includes a duvet cover, two pillowcases, and a flat bed sheet, ensuring a symmetrical and appealing bedroom setting.

  • Weave Pattern: The twill weave employed lends a nuanced elegance to your bedding, distinguished by its signature diagonal lines.

  • Weight: At 3 kilograms, the set is substantial, echoing its quality and the plush comfort it offers.

  • Packaging: The Blooming Pink Rose Duvet Cover Set is ensconced in a chic PVC packaging. Whether you're thinking of gifting it or enhancing your bedroom, it promises sophistication.

  • Unique Attributes: Beyond its luxurious touch, bamboo fiber also brings to the table its natural softness, breathability, and the ability to wick moisture. Paired with a delicate floral design, it's like having a slice of nature's best in your bedroom.

Available Sizes for Your Perfect Fit:

Flat Sheet Style:

  • Double: Duvet (200x200cm), Bed Sheet (245x250cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • Queen 200x220cm: Duvet (200x220cm), Bed Sheet (245x250cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • King: Duvet (220x240cm), Bed Sheet (245x270cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)

Fitted Sheet Style:

  • Double: Duvet (200x200cm), Fitted Sheet (150x200+25cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • Queen 200x220cm: Duvet (200x220cm), Fitted Sheet (160x200+25cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)
  • King: Duvet (220x240cm), Fitted Sheet (180x200+25cm), Pillowcases (48x74cm)

Experience the ethereal blend of nature's beauty and artisanal precision, ensuring every night is as poetic as it is peaceful.

Blooming Pink Rose Duvet Cover Set

Blooming Pink Rose Duvet Cover Set

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